Since childhood, I have struggled with some seriously sensitive skin. My parents learned I had eczema when I was a baby, and for 29 years since I have been trying to keep up! It seemed like every soap out there was irritating- especially to my hands, even those formulated specifically for sensitive skin.

I did some research and quickly learned that most commercial soaps are actually detergents, and knowing my sensitivity history, it made a lot of sense.

So after months of studying I made my first batch of soap in my kitchen. I used oils and butters from nature instead of detergents and complicated chemicals, and I instantly fell in love with the process. Finally, after 4 long weeks of waiting, I was able to try the soap myself, and my skin fell in love, too. A year and a half later and we still haven’t left the honeymoon phase, so now I’d like to share my passion with you!

Where we started…

After I decided I wanted to open a soap shop, I had the hardest time coming up with the perfect name. It took months until I had finally decided on Barebum Boutique, but then my little sister Faith suggested “Sweet Cheeks”, and Cheeks Boutique was born. Thanks Faithy! ❤️

Cheeks Boutique specializes in cold-processed artisan soap, made in small batches and with sensitive skin in mind. We use high-quality, natural oils and butters, as well as other goodies such as clays, various root powders, and oatmeal. Soap making is an art form, so we express ourselves within the beauty of our bars, using swirling techniques, attractive color palettes, and botanical arrangements.

… where we are today!

But I wanted to do more than create a beautiful bar of soap. If I was going to have a platform, I wanted to use it for the good of individuals, the planet, and my community. So I built a business model around sustainability.

We use only sustainable ingredients, staying away from glitters and palm oils. We use only recyclable, biodegradable, and/or compostable packaging – nothing else. And we source ingredients locally where we can to support small businesses and sustain a happy, thriving community. You can find more about this on our Sustainability page. It’s been quite an adventure, learning the art of soap making, the beauty of design, and the power of persistence. I focus on creation and design, content, and logistics, while my partner Peter specializes in programming, photography, web design, and emotional support, always proving to be such a valuable asset to the team. Together we have developed a soaping experience we find to be worthy of you! We’ve worked non-stop over the course of 2020 and 2021 to come up with a product friendly to skin, the planet, our community, and to the eye.

We hope you love our soaps as much as we do! ❤️

Cheeks Boutique Founder