At Cheeks Boutique we ❤ sustainability…

In our soap…
In our packaging…
And in our relationships.

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Sustainable Ingredients

We make our soap the old-fashioned way, using only natural, high-quality oils and butters in our products. We have chosen not to use controversial ingredients such as palm oils or glitters, for the betterment of our friends and our planet. We also take pride in being free from parabens, phthalates, and detergents. Click Here to find out more about our ingredients.

Sustainable Packaging

Our ingredients aren’t the only step in providing you beautifully sustainable soap. In an industry that overly relies on single use plastics to get their product to market, we’ve opted for a better way. We use biodegradable, compostable, and/or recyclable materials in all of our packaging. Want to learn more?
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Sustainable Relationships with…

Local Artisanal Vendors
For the most authentic soap we use the ingredients closest to home, sourcing them from various farms & small businesses in our community. From coffee beans and sea salt, to kombucha and honey, they all come from beautiful New England. This helps us to not only offer you fun, outside-the-box ingredients, but to support the lovely community we’re so excited to be a part of! Click Here for a full list of our local ingredients and why supporting us helps to support others!

Trees, seas, and the fur babies!
At Cheeks Boutique, we realize our community extends beyond just people, so we have carefully selected ingredients with nature in mind.

-Though palm oil is wildly convenient and cheaper to use, we’ve taken the road less traveled. We use no palm oil in our products as it directly contributes to deforestation, wildlife displacement (and slaughter), human rights abuse, and increased carbon emissions (read more about this in our blog post, here). Instead, we have formulated a recipe with sustainable, cruelty-free oils and butters.

-Additionally, we have chosen natural exfoliants and decorations over commonly used microplastics that are killing our oceans. For example, we use fresh ground coffee in our Cappuccino Cafe soap, and dress our Sea Maiden bar with shiny pearls instead of glitter for a cleaner, greener, sparkling touch.Click Here to see a full list of our eco-friendly extras featured in our bars.

We have never and will never test on animals. There are so many reasons we are against this and would never consider it an option, and we wouldn’t ever need to, since our ingredients are high-quality, natural, and skin-safe. We have tested extensively (and frequently enjoy!) our products personally, as have our friends and family. We leave our furry pals out of it, they’re pretty good at cleaning themselves!

…And last but not least, our relationship with YOU!
To complete our cycle of sustainability, we come to you! At Cheeks Boutique, we wish to transcend the business/customer model and hope you will view our relationship as a partnership, because we sure do! With every purchase, you’re not only supporting Cheeks Boutique, but eco-conscious practices and other small businesses within our community, together helping make the world a happier, more sustainable place.

Thanks for reading our sustainability page!